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Pure Raw Honey is among the most enjoyable of foods.  Honey is readily available from your local grocery store but the selection is limited and often not pure and very rarely raw. That's why finding a source of pure and raw honey can be so difficult.  Most people simply don't know a beekeeper.  That's why we're here!  We want to be your



A stick of honey?  Yes kinda.  A honey stick is a plastic straw that has been filled with honey and hermetically sealed on both ends to make it air tight.  Our honey sticks come in a variety of flavors and a variety or package sizes.  They are excellent for individual use as a treat, a quick burst of energy, or as a sweetener for your coffee or tea.    

Light Crispy and Buttery Sweet!  This honey caramel corn is almost addicting.  This crispy caramel corn treat is simply delicious.  Air popped popcorn coated with honey caramel and dried to perfection.  This is a must try for any honey or caramel corn enthusiast.

Whether you are looking for something to sweeten your special day or a little gift for attendies at your convention we have the perfect favors for you.  We have full service and do it yourself options all featuring our delicious honey.  Read more about our honey wedding favors... 

There are lots of places to buy honey online.  We know its a tough decision.

If you are looking to buy honey online chances are you already know the health benefits of quality pure raw honey. But did you know that different beekeepers have different definitions for raw honey? (Read our article "What is Raw Honey?")

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