Utah Honey Food Storage

Utah Honey Food Storage

Posted by The Honey Jar on Feb 15th 2014

There is no doubt that food storage is a big thing in Utah and it's not just among the local religious community. And of course one of the staples of your food storage is honey. But is all honey created equal? Keep reading to get some words of wisdom when it comes to finding honey for your food storage...

Is all honey the same?

Not by a long shot. Honey can vary in taste, texture, nutrition, and price. When it comes to food storage it is important that your honey is raw. Why? Most of us hope we will never have to use our food storage for an emergency so there is a good chance it will be stored for a long time. Check our this article for more on raw honey.

Why does taste and texture matter?

If there is a good chance you won't be using your honey for an emergeny then why does it matter how it will taste? Its a question I get every now and then from people looking for a great deal on less than pleasant honey. The answer is that while you may not need it in an emergency you should definitely be using it regularly. If you buy something and let it sit 20 years before you throw it away it you will lose 100% of the value. If you purchase honey that is nice enough that you will use it regularly you will utilize 100% of its value. It doesn't matter if you save a few dollars today if you end up throwing away 100's of dollars on product you didn't use.

But besides using it regularly there is another good reason to purchase honey with a good taste and texture. Tradability. Imagine a world where processed white sugar has become unavailable. When people crave something sweet. That is where the value of good honey lies. I think it will be astounding what you can get in trade for an ounce of honey.

Where do I find quality honey at an affordable price?

Sometimes people are surprised at how honey has gone up in price over the past 10 years. I remember a time when a 5 gallon pail could be had for $105.00 and It is now almost double that, depending on your source. But that doesn't mean good deals aren't to be found. Buying honey in bulk can save money.

For example, The Honey Jar currently has an option for food storage customers that allows them to save some money.

The Honey Jar offers a 5% discount on orders of $500 or more and a 10% discount on orders of $1000 or more.

It may not seem like a big discount but it can save over $100 dollars on a $1000 dollar order. In order to qualify for the discount the customer or customers have to take delivery all at once and pay via check or cash. (Paying via credit card adds 2% to the order)

Other companies may be able to offer similar deals.

The best prices per pound are to be had in 5 gallon pails. But should you keep your honey in those pails? No. You should transfer the honey while it is still liquid to smaller containers. This will make it much easier to use. Pint or quart canning jars offer the most versatility. It is easy to go down to the pantry and pull a pint of honey, warm it gently and enjoy now or during an emergency. It is much more difficult to do so with a 5 gallon pail. For more instructions on how to store honey click here.

Buying your honey in 5 gallon pails also allows you to split it between several people while still saving the most money. Go in with a friend and have a honey pouring party and split a 5 gallon pail. It will be sticky and only you can determine whether the mess is worth the savings.

Check our our Bulk Honey availabilty and pricing here.

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Kyle Kanno
The Honey Jar

Ogden, UT