6 Incredible Local Utah Gifts

6 Incredible Local Utah Gifts

Posted by The Honey Jar on Dec 2nd 2021

Utah is such a unique place, and with that comes unique gifts and souvenirs. Whether you're sending a loved one a little piece of Utah for a holiday gift or making a convention room drop for your guests, these local Utah gifts are such a fun way to add a little bit of Utah to every gift basket. 

Beehive Naturals https://www.beehivenaturals.com/

This collection of handmade soaps, salts, and other personal care products are crafted from natural, local Utah ingredients. 

Utah Honey Corn https://thehoneyjarhome.com/utah-honey-corn-7-5oz...

Utah Honey Corn is lovingly made by hand using a family recipe. It is a deliciously sweet treat, and one that's hard to put down. Just perfect for the Beehive State.

Beehive Cheese https://beehivecheese.com/

This is not just your normal, buy-it-off-the-shelf cheese. Beehive cheese is made locally, with milk from a local creamery. They feature new, delicious flavors that raise the cheese-eating experience to a new level.  Our personal favorite is Barely Buzzed.  Its a full bodied cheese with a nutty flavor and smooth texture rubbed with espresso and lavender and is perfect for any charcuterie board.  

Uinta Naturals https://uintanaturals.com/

These hand-crafted gifts are sure to be a big hit. Named after some of Utah's most well-known attractions, they are crafted from natural ingredients.

Utah Truffles https://utahtruffles.com/

You can't complete a list of Utah favorites without including these delicious treats. Utah tends to be known for sporting a sweet tooth. These delicious chocolates and truffles are sure to curb those cravings!