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Sweet Honey Wedding Favors from Utah, The Beehive State!

Customized Honey Favor Kits

We offer customizable honey wedding favor kits. That means we send you jars of our pure clover honey that our unlabeled and supply options for accessories for you to assemble into your own unique favors.


We will send our 2-inch X 2-inch hexagonal or round jars full of raw, clover honey just as they are – ready for you to apply your own desired labels, or each one can come with an additional 3-inch wooden honey dipper, small bee charm and/or custom label. You decide!

Honey wedding favors are sweet gifts in both senses of the term!



& bee-lovely!"

There are many reasons why bee-luxe honey wedding favors from
The Honey Jar make the perfect wedding favor.


Honey Jar wedding favors are bee-lightful, bee-licious, and be-lovely.


Okay, we’re shamelessly paraphrasing Cole Porter’s classic song, but why not? It’s all true!

Bee-licious Honey

When we say, “the best honey,” we mean it. Our bee-luxe clover honey is pure, raw honey, not the cooked and processed honey mess that sits on the supermarket shelf.


They’ll be bee-lerious from the very first bee-lectable taste!


We ship ANYWHERE in the United States for the same flat fee.  From Alaska to Puerto Rico and Hawaii to Connecticut - we've got you covered!


Personalized orders typically arrive within 2 weeks.  Blank jars typically arrive in 5-7 business days. 

Why honey wedding favors from The Honey Jar?

Honey wedding favors are pure deliciousness. Many wedding favors are decorative but are shoved into a drawer never to be seen again, once your guests return home.


Bee-luxe honey wedding favors are perfect because they’re decorative and edible! (And, if we may say so, honey was considered an aphrodisiac by the ancient Greeks. Perhaps your wedding guests might like to find out if it’s actually true?)


Pure raw honey is healthier than the processed honey that most people are familiar with in stores. You wouldn’t think that manufacturers would add sugar to honey – but they do! Pure raw honey, on the other hand, is just that. The sweetness comes naturally – there’s no need for additives.


The Honey Jar has been in the honey business for over ten years. We know how to prepare the best honey from our very own bees!