Frequently Asked Questions - Honey Favors

How much is shipping?

Standard shipping is included with your purchase or 20 favors or more.  Orders require 2-4 business days to process regardless of shipping speed.  At this time we do not offer expedited shipping.    

When should I order? 

You can order at any time if you want to check it off your to-do list however we recommend waiting until 2 months prior to your event to receive them to maximize freshness.  

If you are ordering more than 2 months in advance and would like us to hold your order until a later date please put the date you would like the order shipped in the comments sections at checkout.  

How quickly can I get the honey favors? 

We ask that you allow for 2 weeks from the time you place your order to receiving your order.  

What type of honey is in the jars?

We use American Clover Honey for our honey favors.  The honey can come from Montana, South Dakota, North Dakota, Wyoming, Idaho, or Utah.  

Do you offer any other flavors or varieties of honey in the favors? 

Not currently.  Offering additional varieties and flavors would add complexity that we are not prepared for at this time.  We choose to focus on providing high-quality clover honey wedding favors at the most affordable price possible.  

Do you offer a quantity discount? 

Our honey favors are priced with quantity in mind.  We offer honey favors in quantities of 20, 30, 40, etc.  We ship in increments of 10 with a minimum of 20 because this allows us to be the most efficient and ensure you get the best price and best shipping experience. 

Do you offer personalized labels?

Yes, we offer personalized printed labels with the 2oz glass hexagon.  Personalization is limited to the text and not the graphics.  We do offer some templates that you can edit and send to us ready to print or download and print from your local print shop or home printer. 

Do you assemble the jars for me?  Can I pay you to assemble the jars for me? 

This is another case in which we purposely choose not to provide this service.  The primary reason is your satisfaction.  When shipping assembled, decorated jars there is a higher likelihood that the jars or decorations will arrive damaged or broken.  Assembled jars also take up more space and require extra padding and protection.  Because of past experience we have chosen to offer these as kits that you decorate or assemble yourself.  This allows us to pass on the savings both in time and shipping that we achieve by having a more streamlined and efficient approach.  

Our primary goal is to make sure your components arrive safely, efficiently, and affordably. 


If you have any other questions please feel free to Contact Us