Wedding Favor Decorating Instructions and Troubleshooting

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Missing Jars?

If you ordered more than 50 jars your order will be split into more than one package.  These packages can be separated in transit but should arrive within 48 hours of each other.  If after 48 hours you are still missing a box please contact us.

Missing Accessories?

If you ordered more than 50 jars the missing accessories are likely in the other box.  If they are not, or if you ordered less than 50 jars please contact us immediately and we will ship any missing items. 

Missing Labels?

If you ordered more than 50 jars the missing labels are likely in the other box.  If they are not, or if you ordered less than 50 jars please contact us immediately and we will reprint and ship the missing labels. 

Will My Honey Go Bad?

Honey contains natural antibacterial properties, so unless something gets added to it (water, jam, etc), it won't spoil. To help keep your honey pure, make sure to only use clean utensils for serving it and to store it with the lid on tight. 

Storage Instructions:

Honey jars should be stored in a warm, room-temperature area up until your event to help deter crystallization. Honey should not be kept in the fridge or in the direct line of air conditioning vents, as the cold will encourage early crystallization. Make sure to store your honey with the lid on completely so that nothing else gets in the honey.

Crystallized Honey? 

Even with proper storage, natural honey can start to crystallize, generally after about 2 months but sometimes faster (especially in winter). This is a natural process and doesn’t harm the honey in any way. It’s just not as pretty. So, we recommend ordering within 2 months of your event to help prevent crystallization before your event.

crystallization-2.jpeg     crystallization-multi-wide.jpg     crystallization-solid.jpeg

If your honey starts to crystallize, this is completely reversible. Just place your jars in a warm water bath on the stove on low-medium heat and let them slowly re-liquify. Just make sure the water level doesn’t touch the lid. Keep your eye on these. The goal is not to cook them, just gently warm them. If your jars already have labels on them or if you have plastic bears, you can achieve a similar result by placing your jars in a warm, sunny spot, like a window. This method does take longer than the water bath. Please do not place your honey jars outside as this can attract insects.

PLEASE DO NOT PLACE PLASTIC HONEY BEARS IN WATER BATH ON STOVE! This will melt the plastic. If you have crystallized honey in a bear, please try the warm window method, but keep your eye on them. 

What is this white stuff? or this line across my jar?

foam-multi-1.jpg     foam-single-bear.jpg    foam-multi-21.jpg

During the bottling process air can become trapped in the honey creating a foam that will rise to the top of the jar.  Sometimes in transit if a package is on its side the foam will create a line across the jar at an odd angle.  This is completely harmless but we understand it may not look appealing.  You can fix this by standing the jars right side up in a warm spot for a few days and the foam will rise to the top and not be visible until the jar is opened.

Damaged or Broken Items?

We are very sorry for the inconvenience this has caused you.  Please contact us as soon as you notice the damage and we will replace any damaged or broken items at our expense.